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Zee TV und Zee Cinema für Fernsehgenuss aus Indien

Zee TV

The 24 hour general entertainment channel delivers a variety of choices for all segments of the audience, including primetime comedy and drama series, television movies, miniseries, theatrical films, children’s programs, daytime dramas, game shows and late night Shows.

Zee Cinema

First choice of all Bollywood lovers. 7 movies a day for all generations with a mix of some great classics, comedies and blockbusters from Bollywood. Besides all the latest news and gossip from the Hindi film industry.

Alle Preise inkl. 19% Ust. Voraussetzung für alle Produkte ist der Anschluss an das Glasfasernetz der GWHtel. Jedes Pay-TV-Paket ist zum Ende eines jeden Monats kündbar.

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